Inching along

Today is January 1, 2018- the first day of a new year! Whereas last year was a year of ideas and planning, I feel that this is the year for action and doing. 

The big question on my mind has been to buy a pre-existing food truck or to have it custom built. I know that once there is an actual food truck in my name that this will be a huge turning point for Broomsticks Bakery. 

Until then, I will continue recipe testing. Lately, I've been focusing a lot on sourdough and alternative flours. I plan on converting a portion of my sourdough starter to rye and working on some great rye loaves. I'm also exploring the use of spelt and kamut. Next on the horizon is a 100% spelt puff pastry.

In the beginning...

Here we are at the very beginning. Broomsticks Bakery has been officially named.

I'm working with a local company on a logo and another local company is working on designing and building the actual food truck. 

There is a lot to do as this little bakery food truck goes from dream to reality. Recipes are being tested again and again. Family and friends are taste testing each new item that comes out of the kitchen. 

Stay tuned for more developments on the food truck front!