Broomsticks Bakery is a bakery food truck located in Bloomington, Indiana.  We serve nutritionally dense food made from scratch.


Broomsticks Bakery is a unique food truck experience with equal parts wholesome food and magic.

We aim to open in Spring 2018. The food truck is currently being designed and built by the local company, Owl Carpenter. Once open, the food truck will begin operating in the morning between the hours of 8am-noon on various days throughout the week.

What makes Broomsticks Bakery unique?

One of the goals of our bakery food truck will be to minimize our ecological footprint. We are investing in reusable metal dishware to encourage patrons to linger for a minute, enjoy their bakery treats, and cut down on packaging waste.

Our ingredients are sourced locally when possible with the intention to buy pesticide free produce and hormone free dairy items.

We bake with sourdough when using wheat flour and include plenty of gluten free and vegan menu items. We favor using whole foods to create our bakery items. Some of our favorite ingredients to use include nuts, seeds, oats, honey, and pure maple syrup. We value whole grains and unrefined sugars.

Our food is made without compromise to our values. Our bakery only produces food that we would feed our children.



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Bloomington, IN